Sand Hills Plush

Sand Hills Plush

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An affordable mattress to meet all your needs. Its great for a spare bedroom but also the master bedroom. This mattress has three inches of foam but is upgraded to individually wrapped coil system to provide support to your whole body. Available in full, queen, and even king! Plush = Soft, With the upgraded spring system, this plush mattress give great support while still containing the soft feel.

Specs: 2" Super Soft Foam, 1" Motion Reducing Foam, Paired W/ 6" 660 Caliper Edge Pocket Coil W/ Integral Edge Support (Individual Coil)
Thickness: 9"
Feel: A Soft foam paired with a firmer and supportive coil system
Recommendation: Teens, Spare Bedrooms, & Master Bedrooms
Brand: Sleep Haven

Factory Warranty: 10 yr non-prorated (Workmanship)
- For warranty to be valid MUST be on a solid platform base (MUST be verified) or sleep haven boxspring (purchased from this site), MUST be free of any stains, & Customer MUST have receipt (proof of purchase)

*Price includes Mattress only, Does not include the platform.